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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My red Dell Laptop Computer, now i can get online if someone else is using the desktop computer. I take precious care of Ralph's gift to me that i don't use it all the time, lol. Ralph keeps asking why i don't use my laptop and i would usually reply " i love my laptop that's why I'm not using it, if i didn't love it, i would be using it all the time". He gets confuse and doesn't understand why i don't use it. The other reason is we have wireless router and every time i use the laptop our Internet connection gets out of whack. We keep getting disconnected from the Internet and its such a pain. The only time i use it is when both Ralph and I are upstairs in bed, him watching television and me doing my post. I cant use it all the time since I'm always with the baby and she wants to use it as well. But i love it,lol.. Thank you daddy!!!


Anonymous said...

i love the color, momi lods!
i'd like to get one someday but it's not going to be my first priority because I don't go online that much.

enjoy it! pinangga jud kaayo ka ni Ralph! Ikaw pud ang spoiled dah!

Anonymous said...

wow! my fave color...hehhe..enjoy te....get some opps too..hehhe! your hubby is sweet...:)


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