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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Like most women i dread about getting wrinkles and just plain looking old. Most women like to believe that we can stay young, look young and still retain that youthful glow. Women have gone to some drastic procedures from taking medications, putting creams and even plastic surgery just to have that same youthful look again. Nowadays the most common non-invasive cosmetic surgery is Botox. The Botox injection temporarily paralysis the muscles that we use on our faces daily and help smooth out those wrinkles to create a natural refresh look. The botox courses is a cosmetic surgeons hottest must haves. It is the most comprehensive new DVD that was compiled and made by top Beverly hills surgeon, Dolores Kent M.D. with 20 years experience. Its a instructional video of new techniques, how Botox works, how to store and reconstitute, precautions on injection sites, guidelines of the neck and facial anatomy. The whole Instructional DVD can be purchased at Videoshelf for a reasonable price of $175 plus shipping and handling.

Botox Injection Video

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