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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Growing up in a small town had its advantages, everybody knows everybody. There was more clean fresh air, plenty of fresh fruits. Having a paternal grandparents that owns a construction and supply business was fun, we got to play with wood and we also had each dump trucks named after us, how cool was that. Now almost all my uncles and aunts on my dad's side of the family are involved in the constructions business and they are all successful at it. A couple of my cousins are engineers to help out there parents with the business. One summer i got to visit one of my uncles construction site and it was magnificent. You see this piece of land buzzing with activities from people hammering to men using heavy equipment to do the job. There was an equipment for digging, dump trucks and backhoes. It was a dangerous place for someone like me who had no idea how things worked. My uncle gave me a quick tour and showed me how each equipment works. He also stressed out the importance of getting hogg davis trailers
since they are the best in heavy equipment. And like my uncle said if you want a construction job done fast, clean, smooth and right getting the best heavy equipment is the key. Owning an equipment like these are easy since they have a rent-to-purchase plan with a wide range of equipments available to choose from. Working with the best will finish the job done in no time.



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