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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Whew, i never thought that cookies were so heavy, after carting half of the 42 girl scout cookies from the car to the house my back is busted. Its a good thing it wasnt so cold last night or it would have stopped me from going outside. As you Ralph is the Daisy Girl Scout cookie master and now our house is full of cookies. The Daisy Troop Leader Ericka dropped off the cookies last night, as we were carting the boxes in the house i said to myself " that's why cookies make you fat, there heavy". We still have the rest of the boxes from Monday's orders and i hope we can get rid of them fast coz my kids playroom looks like a cookie and box store. Good think Kaitlyn doesn't really know that cookies are inside of those boxes or else she will be all over it. She loves cookies and surprisingly the Girl Scout cookies are not bad. So far i have only tasted the short bread and the tagalongs, here are the list.

Girl Scout Cookies :
  • Trefoils - Old fashioned short break cookies
  • Thin Mints
  • Tagalongs - Peanut butter patties
  • Do-si-dos - Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Samoas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Lemon Chalet Cremes


Anonymous said...

You really must try the Thin Mints. My favorite!

jijie said...

Hey! can you send me some samples? Bb dallas loves cookies. my, look at kaitlyn, is she trying to find which one is good? she is really a cutie pie manding...

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Pastilan kadaghan ba ana, wa na more calories and more fats... hahaha... bitaw oi si Kaitlyn gud mura ug korek mura sya ug nakainspection. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Now i have an idea how those boxes of cookies look like, i thought its only 2 or 3 boxes. wow, thats a lot. looks like kaitlyn thinking hmmm new toys to play.... she is really a darling.

Anonymous said...

That room would be a dream come true for my dad! LOL


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