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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The conception of a child is always a miracle. From this tiny cell will divide into pieces and later one form into one single perfect human being. Its no secret that we have been trying for another baby to add to our family. Our youngest is already 16 months old and it would be great if they would only have a 2 years gap in between. On the other hand Ralph's nephew is expecting his first baby boy this coming August. Andrew has gone so much over the past year and finally has his life back on track. He has more to look forward to now that his going to be a dad. He should think about the future of the baby by looking into cord blood banking with Cryo Cell International. Its a safety net for his children to come. A baby's umbilical cord is rich in stem cells that have been proven to help cure a lot of diseases. Andrew's girlfriend Wendy has an older daughter who is 8 years old. Opting to store the coming baby's stem cells could one day save his sister's life and even his own parents. Its a miracle to give birth to a baby and it would be another miracle to save another. If you are like Ralph's nephew and is expecting a child be it your first or second or third dont forget to look into cord blood banking and enroll now, your child's life could be saved.



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