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Friday, May 7, 2010


A couple of weeks ago Kaitlyn and I braved Christiana Mall by ourselves. I admit I was pretty nervous since I was my first time ever to with just the two of us. With a toddler in tow you will never know what kind of mood they are in. Before we left the house I had a little talk with Kaitlyn and told her that it was just her and me and that she has to behave really really good and listen to mama. To set the mood I dressed her in clothes she liked and even brought the stroller at her request. MIL had to drive Ralph to his doctor's appointment and we just hitched a ride with them.

This was the moment of truth I said to myself, no going back and calling them right away to pick me up. Kaitlyn wanted to sit in her stroller which was perfect so I could just walk and head on to where I wanted. First stop was JCPENNEY. I browsed around and found a couple of clothes I wanted to try on. So off we went to find a fitting room, most of the clothes didn't fit right but Kaitlyn kept saying I looked beautiful, lol. I finally got a cute summer outfit cheap. Next we went to the kids department and got a few outfits for my friends children back home. The photos above was taken beside Piercing Pagoda Jewelry. I had to return the necklace we bought for her last year and had it replaced. Luckily we had it insured.

I was so impressed with my little girl, she was so behaved and good at the Mall. We did a lot of detour to the bathroom since she had to go potty from drinking that soda and the slushy I got for us. After eating I gave her a reward and took her to a part of the mall where they had those kiddie ride stuff that you have to put quarters in. She had a blast with that motorcycle. All in all it was a great mother and daughter outing for the both of us.



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