The Designers Chic

Thursday, May 27, 2010


That my friends is a MOLE. I think its just a baby one, found it on the ground in the backyard lifeless. What is a Mole? According to Wikipedia , Moles are the majority of the members of the mammal family Talpidae in the order Soricomorpha . Although moles burrow, some species are semi-aquatic. Moles have cylindrical bodies covered in fur while the ears are generally not visible. They have small or covered eyes and can probably still tell night from day, although they are otherwise blind. Moles eat small invertebrates living underground.

I believe our dog Sunny had a major part on the demise of these small mammal. The mole's diet consist of earthworms and for that reason I think I like them. Earthworms is among the list of my freak out fears, lol. But anyway, I felt bad for the little creature but I also can't blame our dog. He is only doing what is natural for him and this way its keeps them at bay and they won't keep burrowing under the ground and making holes in our backyard. I just hope that this little guy is the last of them.



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