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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am Ms. Practicality, well most of the time. Before buying things I usually think if I need it or I just want it. You see wanting and needing are to different things. Want is something that you really desire and fills almost your every thought or dreams but you don't have any practical use for it. Need on the other hand is something you have to get for the reason that is it useful to you and you use it frequently. I am like that, I do want a lot of things but I try to decide all the time if I want or need it. Lets take for example the newest gift I got for Mother's day from my husband. I have been looking at ipods online and in the stores for the longest time. It is really just a want for my case since I really don't have any use for it. That did not stop me from hounding hubby if he would get it for me as a Mother's day gift. He did not looked convinced when I told him why I wanted it but he knew how long I have been dying to own one so I could listen to music while I clean the house and exercising. By the looks of it I was not getting it but the day before Mother's day he presented me with my very own Ipod Nano. I was so happy but I felt guilty right after. Guilty because I know how much it cost and It is not a need for me but just a want. Oh well, I don't splurge on any other stuff anyways. The two most expensive things I have are my laptop and Ipod. Next time I will try to be more and more practical and only ask hubby to get me gifts that I could really use and need around the house. Aside from what I got I still consider myself Ms. Practicality. How about you?



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