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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Do you know the good thing about having a laptop is that you can stay online surfing the net or just checking your e-mail anywhere around the house? Laptops nowadays are no longer considered a want but a need, most specially to students that do a lot of research and term papers. My laptop was a gift from hubby last 2008. It's only been lately that I have been using my laptop on a daily basis for the purpose of watching the newest show I am crazy about. With my frequent use I have been noticing that my computer has been running slow of late. I worry if its a virus or if I have used up almost all of the laptop memory. I really hope its not a virus coz if it is I can't afford to have this fixed. Having someone look at your computer or laptop is downright expensive that sometimes it comes to a point its better to buy a new one instead having your old one fix. If that happens I have my eye set on getting those handy Ipad. I really shouldn't get it or even ask my hubby to buy it for me as a gift coz I am not techno savvy and I really have no use for it. I will just have to make sure that my anti-virus is working hard and is keeping those darn viruses at bay.



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