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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I just want to say Congratulations to my sister for a health baby girl. She gave birth last March 31,2011 same day as my grandma's birthday. A few hours after we talked her bag of water broke. She was all alone in the house as my mom was in Ormoc for my grandmother's birthday. I felt so bad that she was all alone when it happened. Luckily my step dad was there to take her to the hospital. My mom left for Cebu as soon as she found out my sister was in labor. She got there before my sister had her baby. Ever since my sister is very good with kids and babies alike. She will be an excellent mama. I am so happy to welcome the newest addition to our family:



mommy Orkid Belle said...

Kaliwat jud ug Codilla kay ang nawong oh! Pagkacute porya buyag ni baby Alyssa oi. :) HOw precious, mommy Lods! Ikaw musta na?

Adin B


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