The Designers Chic

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Yesterday we dropped off Kayla at Baltimore Travel Plaza. It was raining and a few seconds of hail, it didn't last long though which was good. By the time we got to Baltimore the sun was out and it was nice. Little did we knew that it was so windy out. I got shocked when I opened the door and the cold wind just hit me on the face,it woke me up! The car would rock a bit when it was hit by a blast of cold air. My kids were laughing and giggling at the cold wind. As the kids were running on the sidewalk towards the hotel I noticed that one of the advertising flags hanging outside the hotel was halfway loose. that got me so nervous that I shouted to the kids not to stay in the sidewalk but go inside the hotel. They walked around the lobby while I went to the bathroom. We just waited for a few minutes when Kayla's mom showed up. As usual Kaitlyn didn't want her manang to go but she gave her sister a big hug and a kiss. Tomorrow, we are heading there again to pick her up. Hoping that it won't rain as my MIL will be the one driving.



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