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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Her Elegant Wedding Invitations

It looks like my trip home to the Philippines is going to happen. Hubby just told me yesterday he saw a decent fare price for all tree of us his mom, my youngest and me. I got so excited. If only my kids while get out of school early enough in June I will be able to make it for my cousins wedding. She and I have been talking about her wedding whenever we get a chance to talk Online.

A wedding is hard to plan when you are based in a different country. She based in Qatar, and has to put her trust into her wedding planner. Even though she is far she puts an effort on how she wants her wedding to be like. The wedding dresses that she has shown me were all beautiful but still has to decide which design. She showed me her Wedding invitations and they were simple yet elegant. It was important for her to make sure her wedding invitations were just right as it sets the tone for her wedding. I am just so excited for the whole preparation to come together. With the help of her wedding planner and the right vendors I am positive that she will have the wedding of her dreams.



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