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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We just got back from dropping off our youngest to school. Ahhhhh!!! A moment to relax and read what's going on.

Have you seen the movie " The Grinch who stole Christmas?" . Well it's no longer a movie, it's also happening in real life. I could not believe when I read the news HEERE about how 6k worth of toys from the Toys for Tots drive in Seattle were stolen. What has the world come to? I feel bad for all those organizers hard work. Not only that but the disappointment in the children's faces. What is the thief going to do with that many toys? Sell them on eBay? It's just leaves a bad taste in my mouth how some people have no remorse doing evil things. But according to organizers, the community have been rallying and helping out. It's good to know that inspite of the evil lurking around, goodness in people's heart still prevails. I for one am buying a couple of toys and donating them to charity supported by my local Walgreens. It's may not be much but to one little girl or boy it will make Christmas extra special.



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