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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have been meaning to thank my top droppers for a long time but i never got a chance to do it. This time since i got my laptop i can finally do it while im upstairs in our bed. Thank you for your continued visits and ec drops. I also want to put your banners on the site of my blog as a thank you but i still havent reallly figured out how to do it,lol. I'll eventually find out how to do it. If any of you can teach me or tell me how to do it please do leave me a msg .. A BIG THANKS AGAIN

Top Dropper and # of drops

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Mommy's Little Corner 31

moms..... check nyo 31

The Modern Mom 30

Parental Instincts 30

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The Way I See It 30

Warcraft Blog 30

BMWF1Blog 29


I Am Me said...

Hi girl thanks for ur msg. you can email me at or you can also add me up to your YM so that we can talk about ur layout...thanks


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