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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Friday MIL and I both got our flu shot. After the doctors we went to Happy Harry's to drop off her prescription. While there Kaitlyn saw this woman holding a big stuff Dora doll in her arms. Kaitlyn kept pointing to is and saying Dora, well in baby talk. She would try and grab the doll and would wiggle in my arms so she could at least touch the doll. I went on a hunt around the store but to no avail, finally i asked the manager. He found another Dora doll and i was floored how much it was, $19.99 Kaitlyn grabbed in right away and hugged the doll and squealed in delight. I went looking for MIL and complained how expensive it was. I was not going to buy that but the little one was so adamant and wouldn't let Dora go. MIL got upset with me for teasing the baby and not giving it to her. I only had $15 with me and she immediately volunteered to pay for the rest. I'm still hurting by that buy,lol but when i look at her and how happy she is with her doll it magically disappears.

So here it is, her newest pal bigger than life.

It's almost as tall as her but she carries it around the house everywhere..


Swapna said...

oh..the sweetheart.. I think that doll is worth every penny u paid.. love the snap..

Unknown said...

its worth it lods. kaitlyn loves holding it. she looks so adorable jud nagpas an sa iya taas na doll, hehe


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