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Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother's day has come and gone but left memories for all moms out there to cherish. I did not forget to greet my mom on the special day and also to my sister who is like a surrogate mom to our nephew and also her Godchild. Mother's day in our house this year was just lunch at Red Lobster and a trip to the store after. Yesterday I was most thankful that I am healthy and still here with my family. In our age and time it is vital that we take care of our health.

It is already world spread news that Cryo Cell International has come up with a new study to make our monthly cycle " a monthly miracle". They have made it possible for us women to get a chance to preserve stem cell from menstrual cycle. This monthly miracle could be a potential life saver for us,our children and even up to the first degree family member, that includes my mom and my sister. With the vast resources of Cryo Cell International they have discovered a breakthrough yet again. It was in the CryoCell Press Release that I read that it has been discovered that adding menstrual blood stem cells to cord blood cells from umbilical cord increases the number of cells that grow into mature blood cells. Why is this significant you may ask, cord blood cell harvested from a new born infant is only enough for one child or a smaller adult.With the new progress made a cure could be available for more than one person and can be utilized for more cure and treatment.Now that is what I would call a miracle breakthrough.



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