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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Ride

Today we are here at my BIL house Angelo. Were in his pool and were just having hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, macaroni and pie. The two Princesses were in the pool as soon as we got here. It was a little cold but you know how kids are they don't mind. I can't go in the pool since its that time of the month so I'm kind of glad that nobody is bugging me to get in the cold pool, lol. I'm doing my post since the princess bruiser is upstairs taking her nap. I forgot to bring her swimmers diaper so she just had on her regular diaper when she got into the pool. It was hilarious when she got out since it blew up so much and it was so heavy she looked like a little bumble bee with her diaper butt sticking out. Time for me to go for now, were eating..


Unknown said...

Maayo hinuon lods lingaw inyo saturday, perti lingawa imu mga serena nga anak langoy langoy sa pool. Kami didto mi park painit.tiwas sko bloghop dri oi.


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