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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm sitting here typing then I think, when am I going to breath naturally again? Ever since the start of Spring bloom my allergies have been plaguing me so much. I sneeze about a thousand times a day, my nose drips like a faucet, my eyes just wont stop itching and my nose is as raw and red as Rudolf. I carry with me a bunch of tissue everywhere I go, I'm so tired of feeling like this. When is this going to end? In the morning when I get up my throat is as dry as a dessert from sleeping with my mouth wide open. I had forgotten how to breathe through my nose and when the stuffiness would ease a bit it takes to much effort to breathe through my nose. I have been taking over the counter allergy medication and it helped at first but not anymore. I guess a visit to the doctors is eminent. When will a be able to breathe again?


Unknown said...

this is one of the things that i've dreaded when i was still back in our country, lods. i can easily sneeze or get allergic to dust and smoke so i thought the pollens in the spring time will give me a hard time, but i was surprised because thank God wala pa pud noon ko naaffected hir ug flu or anything na cge magsneeze or cough or runny nose. i hope dili lang unta ever, hehee. ako usual problem is akong gas/heartburn prob. anyway, hope you get well soon lods!

Tetcha said...

Get well soon!


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