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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My girls playing a game of Nintendo Wii cart. Kayla the big sister is very competitive and loves this game a whole lot. Kaitlyn the lil bruiser loves to do whatever big sis is doing. They were giggling so much when I took pictures of them playing. Kayla just finds it so funny that her baby sister wants to play Mario cart with her. And as for Kaitlyn she holds the steering wheel like she actually know how to play the game. My MIL can't believe that Kaitlyn is only 18 months since she acts like she is older. Playing the Wii is one of our favorite family activity.


Unknown said...

hehehehe nidako jd ug dali imu kaitlyn ky naa mn gd kayla iya gasun on nya mga dagko sd nkapalibot niya. mura korek imu anak melody. 5 years old nga naa sa lawas sa 18 months old hehehe mura korek, kalami kumoton lol

tx sweetie said...

beautiful looking kids you have.

Parenting Through Divorce said...

Happy Kids... I love playing Wii too.


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