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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Who you might say that blood on the paper towel belongs to? No other than my princess bruiser. It happened before her afternoon nap, we were just on the couch watching television, me watching and her jumping and using me as a horse. She eventually got tired of that and decided she wanted down from the couch. As soon as her feet hit the floor she went behind the couch and all I heard was this bang and the next thing I know she was howling with pain. I turned around and there it was, BLOOD! I got nervous and scared right away, I knelled in front of her and put my hand on her mouth to wipe the blood but it still kept on coming. I jumped up and run to the kitchen but in mid flight I turned back to get her. It wasn't needed for she was right behind me following. I ripped a paper towel and put it on her mouth, grabbed a couple of ice from the freezer and begged her to put the ice in her mouth. Of course the lil' bruiser was in pain and was deaf to everything I was asking. Then like a light bulb moment It hit me that we had fruit ice pop in the freezer. I unwrapped one and viola! She sucked on it and finally stopped the bleeding. Poor little tyke got so much injury that day. Later that afternoon she fell of the kitchen chair and hit her head, also got a bump on her forehead from jumping up and down on her sisters bed and flying head smack on the headboard. Kids they keep us up on our toes. I'm just glad it was nothing major. I will just have to keep a closer eye on her from now on...
princess bruiser with a fat lip


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that happened to my little booger too! The cut on his tongue looked so deep that I panicked and rushed him to the clinic! Of course the doctor didn't seem worried at all when she saw it and sure enough, three or four days later, it healed. :)

Unknown said...

Why waste ice pop on the blood pwedi mn kaonon hehehehe. Sus ingon ana na jd ning mga bata, the more accident as they grow. Ang inahan intawn ma kurat ani nila. Awa ra gud na imugamayng dalagamura ra jud ug wala, tagae lng ice pop ahh hehehehe. Ang ako bitawng jake nahulog sa couch gabii ky mobarog mn nya modagan, sus mura ra wala oi ky naghawid mn ug pizza akoy naguol intawn.
Maayo hinuon kay okay ra si kaitlyn sus pagkadaghn ra ba sa dugo hehehe


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