The Designers Chic

Sunday, November 30, 2008


My husband is a very busy man but yet he doesnt forget to write me small notes or bring little somethings for me. Just the other week he was working so long and barely had time to see us. He would call and tell us how he missed us and wish he was not working so he could spend time with us. One day he came home early and we were still sleeping, when we woke up and came downstairs i found the note for the girls on the kitchen tabel. I was a little sad that he didnt include me in the note. When i went to fix Kayla breakfast i noticed something on the counter,it was for me from him. He didnt forget me, he got me something i really like, donuts at Wawa. After walking Kayla to the bus stop i went up to kiss him and say thank you for remembering us and for being so sweet. We love you so much daddy!!!



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