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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Kaitlyn is already 13 months old and she is a handful. She gets into her little mischief mood and would just make a mess of the whole playroom and the family room. She would take out all her toys and throw it around, open my cabinet containing all plastic bowl Tupperware and just scatter them around the kitchen. One minute she is with you the next you cant find her. Its when she is so quiet that we worry coz we know she is doing something. And i caught her in one of her in the act of getting into the cabinet full of pots and pans. This was morning of Thanksgiving before everyone arrived at the house and mom and I were busy getting things in order. Both mom and I took a break and watched a little t.v and sat down in the family room when i noticed that Kaitlyn was missing and was so quiet. I knew she was doing something so i went on a hunt to look for her and behold, i caught her in the act trying to get into the pots and pan cabinet. She has a surprised guilty look about her face. My little trouble maker!


Renz said...

oh, she's so cute! I have an 11 month old daughter as well..she's as rowdy rough as yours!


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