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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My little girl is not feeling too good. the last couple of days i noticed that she was coughing specially at night. Kayla was getting the cold and she must have given it to Kaitlyn with all the hugging, kissing, sharing food and the playing that they do around the house. Kayla is not here with us for Thanksgiving since its her mom's turn this year to have her. Back to Kaitlyn, even though she is feeling a little bit under the weather she is still her jolly, happy, mischievous self. But tonight i put her down to sleep in my makeshift bed on the floor in her room. After she fell asleep i sneaked out and went downstairs to continue the cleaning up and the preparation for tomorrow's feast. Then all of a sudden i heard her throwing up in the baby monitor. I rushed to her room and found her still throwing up all over herself, the pillow and the sleeping bag. She was coughing so much that lead her to throw up. She was still groggy and sleepy and would have laid down in all that vomit if i hadn't stopped her and changed her. As soon as she was changed i held her in my arms until she fell asleep and placed her on her crib. Things like that make me worry so much since she is just a baby and cant tell me what wrong with her and what hurts. I'm just glad she is sleeping and resting now, i just hope she will be much better tomorrow since we will have family over.


EJ said...

she's a cutie.. hope she feels better soon..

by the way, i just follow your blog...

Anonymous said...

awwww, that's not good.. our two kids just got over with their colds, its hard for them and for us too

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Those things does make me so worry mommy Lods. Like you said kay baby pa man gud and can't tell you whatever is wrong with them. I am glad baby K is doing good. I am too having cold mommy Lods. Bag-o lang jud nagsugod and worried lang ko kay ako raba permi ga atiman ni baby.. mao I avoided kissing him at least nalang. Hay pastilan ning usab2x na panahon. God Bless!


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