The Designers Chic

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Having come from a tropical country i was excited about my first winter experience. I got here December of 2006. It was already getting cold but Ralph told me we were going to have a mild winter. I could not wait for snow and constantly ask him when will it snow. It was around January that i saw the first fall of snow for that year. We were in the family room and i was giving Ralph a foot massage when i looked out the glass door leading to the backyard. I saw white stuff falling from the sky. I was so excited but hesitant. I have never seen snow before so i asked Ralph " hun, what is that?" and he replied that's snow. I jumped up and down and was so excited like a child. I hurriedly put on my jacket so i could go outside and took some pictures. It didn't last that long but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity about the snow. Ralph was laughing coz he saw how excited i was. My first snow experience was exciting and fun.



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