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Monday, November 10, 2008


No school tomorrow yehey!! I can at least sleep in a little bit until the baby and Kayla starts clamoring for there respective breakfast. Why is there no school tomorrow? Its VETERANS DAY, a day of remembering and celebrating our veterans who have bravely fought the wars and defended our country. I remembered a couple of months ago when Ralph did an escort for the Veterans going to Washington, he was in good company with old yet wise old men. Since it is a holiday Sears Veterans Day Sale is going on. They are giving 60% off on sale items like outerwear for men and women. The sale has already started yesterday November 9, 2008 and will end on tomorrow November 11, 2008. I would love to buy something i can use and that will keep me warm on days that i walk Kayla to the bus stop. I just found the perfect item!

The Classic Element 3/4 hooded down jacket is just what i need to keep me toasty warm on those cold winter days when i have to step outside. With that jacket on i will certainly brave the cold wind and be perfectly comfortable snuggled inside its warmth.If your like me who wants to stay warm all the time you better hustle up and get your butt off the chair and head on for SEARS. You still got time to purchase much needed clothing at a good price..

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