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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Something weird happen to us after we had our Ice Cream run last Sunday. As we were walking up to our door we heard a loud thump. I turned around and asked Ralph what it was. He had a shock look on his face and said that a bird just hit the side door of our van. True to his word a bird was laying on the side of the van. It was just a baby bird learning to fly. The mama and daddy bird was circling above chirping and calling their baby. The poor bird probably hurt himself and could only fly a couple of feet at a time. We decided to leave the bird hoping it would eventually learn to fly off. After the kids were asleep Ralph checked the backyard just to make sure if the baby bird got to flying. He came back inside telling me that the bird is still out there. We decided to put him the bird cage we had in the basement and just keep him for the night in the bathroom so the cats won't get to him. Ralph got up early to hunt some worms in the backyard and fed it to the baby bird. When it was sunny and warm enough we let it out of the cage and just put him in the backyard. He must have learn to fly since we could not find him later that afternoon. I would like to think that his mom and dad found him and helped him fly back to their nest.
Ralph feeding it worms


Unknown said...

murag namawi ka imu post lods da, baha mn kalit hehehehe maayo na para sa atong plano nga eroplano day. intawn sd sa lil birdie, inyo d i gidakop?

SimplyBillie said...

Aww! Poor little thing. I hope he learned how to fly and/or found his parents.

Susan Cook said...

That was nice of you to help it and find some worms for it. I hope the baby bird made it home. I love birds. Thanks for sharing.

Joe-ann said...

the little bird is lucky enough that your the one who found and take care of it. that finding of worms to feed is really so nice of you. More blessings to come for good people like you.=)

Leigh said...

That's so sweet, I would never have been able to get my husband to hunt worms for a stray baby bird.


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