The Designers Chic

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Guest post written by Kate Teague

I like to get really creative when I'm giving gifts, but sometimes when you're giving gifts to little kids they want something specific that they've seen on commercials, like a holiday Barbie, and just won't be happy unless they get it for Christmas. But one area that I've learned you can trick them in at Christmas is stocking stuffers. You can make little, inexpensive things look really nice if you put them in a stocking and stick to a few little tricks.

I started thinking about that a few weeks ago and when I was doing that I went online with our CLEAR TV BUNDLE to see if I could find some easy and cheap stocking stuffers to put in my kids' stockings.

One of the cheap stocking stuffers that I came up with was to buy a little pink notebook and take some Barbie stickers and put it on the cover. Then I got some hot pink pencils to match the notebook that my daughter will think are Barbie things too. I also got her some cheap little hair clips that I know she'll like too



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