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Monday, September 22, 2008


Fall is here and with that the new season of Television series.

I am so looking forward to watching the new season of HOUSE. I just love Dr.House and his insensitive nature,lol. But this time i cant wait to see how he deals with his best friends loss and the doomsday of there friendship. Will the friendship survive? Will House change? What will be next for the Team?

The second show is NCIS. At first i really wasn't so keen into watching this one as it was like CSI and i loooovveee CSI and i felt like watching NCIS is betraying CSI,foolish me. It was my sister who got me hooked into watching NCIS. The way each individual is different yet they mesh and make a good team that is like a well oiled machine. Are they really going to be transferred to different areas?Will Jethro get his team back?

The Third is CSI of course. I admit i haven't been watching this one religiously like i did back in the Philippines. I am not happy with the thought that Grisham will be leaving the show,not permanently but will just be guesting here and there. Grisham was the glue to the team,with the death of Warrick will the team band together again and find the killer?

Those are just few of the questions i want answered. Well,i guess ill just have to watch and see for myself. What shows will you be watching?


Anonymous said...

i have been following Prison Break since season 1. now on it's 4th season, i'm still watching it but TS downloaded it on his xbox so we won't be watching it with commercials.

we can't wait for Survivor and Supernatural too!

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

i'm a big House fan! Addicted to the show like House is addicted to Vicodin. =)



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