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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I got so tickled pink with this youtube video. My sister told me about this guys who do a duet,i thought it was just some random blokes doing stand up comedy and singing. I really didn't want to watch it at first but with my sister telling me that i will really love it and really laugh i looked it up. What can happen right? What happened?I got so much gas from laughing. Take a load off and just take time to watch this. You might find yourself singing along with them. Here is MOYMOY PALABOY


anne said...

Hahahaha youre right gurl lol talented jud ning pinoy bah you tube ray tirada bah hahahaha

Anonymous said...

this is funny!

but i must admit lods that it's not my first time to see this kind of performance. one of youtube's hit are those 3 chinese guys who are singing different songs like backstreet and others.

so this is the pinoy version. bayot kaayog nawong! hehehe1

Anonymous said...

karon pa diay ko kabantay nga nag-midrib man diay nang usa diha. hahaha!

i checked on the other videos from them too, i like their mtv for LOW kay murag tinuod. hehehe!

PCLicious Video Tutorials said...

LMAO! I thought the one on the left was wearing a wig, apparently I was wrong. These brothers are hilarious though :D

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Anonymous said...

they are really popular in youtube that is why bubble gang got them as a mainstay for the show, LOl! but you know until now they do not reveal their true voice :D


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