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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Getting pregnant the first time was easy and quick. When we found out i was pregnant with Kaitlyn it was unexpected but an added blessing. During my pregnancy i got so sick and depressed which made my family here and back home worry. I was so weird while pregnant, i would not look, eat, smell or even touch chicken. There were some commercial on t.v. that would just make me throw up, i guess it was just my hormones running wild. I however craved so much sweets and loved baking that got my sister so surprised since i didn't like cook when i was still single, i knew how to cook but i just didn't want to. The other weird disgusting thing about me when i was pregnant was i didn't like taking a shower or getting wet period, lol. I would go days and almost a week before i could force myself to finally take a shower, the reason being was i was always cold even with a space heater in the bathroom and i felt like i didn't want to be bothered. However i did change my underwear on a daily basis and just washed the most important private parts,lol. I know its disgusting to share but I'm hoping some women out there would share what they found weird when they got pregnant.


mommy Orkid Belle said...

hahaha... so weird for me mommy kay I love green at that time although I like red.. but then when I buy something, I would then go for green. I too didn't like to take a shower until ohhhh 5 months na... weird jud ning buntis.. cravings nako kay pinoy food and salty food. I didn't like choco and icecream wherein paborito man unta nako. hahaha

Anonymous said...

lol mao jud, bitchy sd. my first pregnancy i was bitchy and emotional. Pero gwafa ka inday pagprego nmu, sus ako pimples all over my face.

got award for u grab it

Anonymous said...

hi melodz i like reading ur blog even though i dont have one heheeh.. now that im 9 weeks prego the weird feelings so far is make me throw up not just in morning but mostly sa night time gyud .. if before i love perfumes karon pass sa ko! i hate the strong smell and bisan foods nga oily yucky kaau bisan ug akong mind gus2 mo eat ana nga food but after nko mag eat habwa lang tanan.. waaaa if the food that i love to eat before karon.. dli ko ganhan but im craving for pinoy sweets nga wala dri.. thank goodness nga naay small nga pinoy store dri and pwede ka order so that saves me heheheheh.. and with the taking shower part so far everyday nuon ko no choice coz im still working ahahahhaah.. basin manimaho nya tang kwaknit LOL...


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