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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As a wife of a Police Officer I not only worry about my husbands well being but also the safety of my little girls considering that there daddy carries and brings his service gun at home. I am in constant watch with my girls specially when they are in our bedroom. Hearing stories about children getting shot by father's guns or other children killed due to playing with guns, it not only makes me nervous but fearful for my girls safety. No matter how much you tell kids the danger of guns, they are still kids and will never get the full ramification if they did play or touch a gun. Now that our youngest is at the stage where she has to touch and play with everything we have to make sure that Hubby's Service gun is somewhere safe and out of her reach. Its about time that we start thinking and looking for top of the line Safesthat are out in the market. The thought of storing hubby's gun out of reach and in a Safe makes me breathe easier and more relaxed. The pistol safe by Maximum Security Safe is just about right for our needs which is functional and the firearm can easily be accessed by my husband. In today's world we have to be vigilant and mindful about everything specially if you have kids in the house.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are wise in taking such a precaution. I am so glad my husband isn't into guns. I wouldn't want one in my house. All too often we hear about family members accidently being shot by other family members. The latest was a 4 yr. old who loaded his father's gun and shot his older brother for standing on his foot!


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