The Designers Chic

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Having a long line of family members on my dad side who has bad acne, pimples or breakouts was enough to scare about my face. I never worried about my face until I hit puberty. One summer that I was in my hometown I had a nasty case of acne breakout on my face. Woah, I was flabbergasted and at a lost why all of a sudden I got this skin problem. I didn't know any acne remedy back then so I was not really able to treat it right away. Every time I see the few scar that was left on my face I am reminded of how reckless I was for ignoring my skin. I don't know if it was from over exposure to the sun or from dust. That was the worst acne breakout I have had . I do get occasional breakouts here and then but nothing as bad as before. Keeping in mind that aging is a process that all will have to go through, it is important that I take better care of my skin no matter what. Healthier looking skin means a younger looking you, wouldn't you think?



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