The Designers Chic

Friday, March 5, 2010


Lets talk about me trying to loose some weight. I have said in previous posts that I really need to go on a diet and do some exercise, like running. Bearing that in mind I also said that I'll have to wait until spring to start jogging and running in our development. Ralph as a matter of fact reminded me that I didn't have to wait since we already have a couple of fitness equipment that I can use. He is absolutely right, I had forgotten his exercise equipment in the basement and the stationery bike in my MIL's room. The downside to exercising in the basement is its dreary, damp,cluttered and cold down there. I need something to look at or listen to while I'm working out. I really have no more excuses to make, If I want to look great for the summer and for my vacation I have better get my butt on the bike and that exercise thingy in the basement.



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