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Friday, March 12, 2010


For the past weeks, months Ralph has been nursing a cyst on his behind. It looked like a ingrown hair but it kept getting bigger,inflamed in short infected. He finally decide to see a doctor about it and he was told it was just in grown hair and was given antibiotics for it.Ralph never took the antibiotics and of course it kept coming back. Finally last Mar 12,2010 he could no longer tolerate the pain. It got to a point that he could not walk or sit down due to the the cyst being infected. MIL took him to the ER and it was there that they drained the cyst by taking a good size chunk of his behind,lol.. I felt so bad that I was not there with him, I had to stay with my kids. I cried when he called me and told me he wanted me there and he screamed when they drained it. His white blood cell was already to high due to infection so the ER surgeon decided to admit him so he can be given an aggressive dose of antibiotic thru his IV. It was better he stayed in the hospital so this way the infection can be monitored as well as his medication..

When we finally visited him the next day he looked so exhausted and drugged up with painkiller and antibiotics. He perked up when he saw his little princesses, he didn't want them to worry specially Kayla. Hopefully he will recover fast and the infection will clear up so he can have the go signal for his cyst removal surgery on the 1st of April. We love you daddy and we miss you here at the house.


joy said...

i hope your hubby gets well soon.

Unknown said...

Hows your hubby na lods, na uli na? Ka busy sa imung life uiy lupad diha lupad didto, supah mommy jud ka day.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hope Raplh is better now Lodz...


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