The Designers Chic

Friday, March 13, 2009


This year my MIL just became a great great grandmother. She was so ecstatic to find out that her first grandson is going to be a dad. Of course like most parents she was worried how Andrew would be able to support his growing family. Andrew just got over a very trying time in his life and he has gotten himself together. He now has a good head on his shoulder and is working hard to make up for all the bad mistakes he had made. Seeing my MIL so excited for the birth of her great grandchild is contagious. I was thinking of making the newest member in the Schifano family extra special by getting a Birth Announcements. This will be a way of announcing and telling the world of Andrews new commitment, his new strength and his hope. With holiday photo cards you can have your choice of picture to have customized to fit any season. They also make customized wedding invitations, wedding announcements and other special occasions. With photo cards that are of high quality gloss photographs this will surely become a keepsake worth treasuring.



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