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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here are some pictures that we took on that big snowy day a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to upload it since it was on the other camera. Ralph was the one who took the photos seeing that i was so busy running around with a 16 month old. It had just gotten back from the big park and we decided to check out the small hill that was a couple of blocks away from the house. Kayla's friend Tamara was there with her mommy. They both had a blast! Kaitlyn even though she only had two turns down the hill she still enjoyed walking in the knee deep snow. That was a great day for us as a family.


attygnorris said...

It's so weird seeing pics of snow. We don't get it here, in Houston. You guys looked like you had a great time.


shydub said...

You guys looks like having fun playing with snow, gamhanan imu kaitlyn lodz mura wala tugnawa lol

inday_adin said...

hehehe mura ug lingaw kaayo mo dihaa mommy Lods da... :)

gengen said...

Oh what a snow kaduha ra nagsnow diri sa amoa...Naa diay ko award nimo madam...TC

Me said...

Wow, there's still lots of snow there. Have a great weekdays ahead!

Regards from The Netherlands!

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hopeful said...

The photos really shows that kids are enjoying with the snow. Happy Sunday.


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