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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Tomorrow will be the day we take the kids to Christiana Mall to see Santa Claus. I'm very curious to see what Kaitlyn's reaction to be seeing Santa and being on his lap now that she has a perception of who are family and who are strangers. It will be very very interesting to see if she will freak out or flirt with Santa, lol. My day was spent folding most of Kaitlyn's clothes and thinking were and when will she be able to wear her hand me downs from her cousins. I still haven't finished putting away all the clothes since i got so bored with folding and i hate it! Doing laundry is never ending, one minute everything is washed, folded and put away the next there is a whole mountain pile of soiled clothes to be washed again! Will there be a day where there are no clothes in the laundry basket? That would be a miracle if that happens.


Anonymous said...

I dont think so its a never ending job, In your case having 2 kids im sure you get tons of laundry a week. Im glad hubby do our laundry for now coz the laundry machine in this apartment building is broken, so he had to do that somewhere else.


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