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Saturday, December 13, 2008


For the past weeks i have not really been feeling up to par. Then i realized that i am so stressed out with everything. As a stay at home mom i deal with everything in the house, with the cleaning, cooking, organizing, baby duty and all that stuff not to mention the stress of worrying about my husband while he is at work. I need something to help me cope and manage my daily activities without overwhelming me into getting stressed. I wish i could go to a place where they have stress speaker and just have someone who can I talk to and can help me out. The Stress Institute is a site where i got to read about the effects of stress and how to manage them. Stress can affect your health and well being and what is so wonderful about it is they explain our healthy can be affected by the stress and how it can be managed and avoided. I never thought that stress could do so much damage to my health, my life and family as a whole. Being a stay at home mom is not an easy feat as i thought it would be, but with my new found knowledge i have the edge of overcoming my stress and learning how deal with it. So to all parents out there you are not alone, we can deal with it and live a happy stress free life.


MaricrisG said...

I have been in this situation when I was a SAHM- I went crazy! Now that I'm a WOHM, I want to be a SAHM- crazy crazy! But yeah stress being at home all the time can get really messy! Hang in there :)



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