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Monday, December 8, 2008


Its the season of love, season of hope, season of giving and of hope. This Christmas let us give and share our love,joy and hope by giving. We are so lucky that we have service men and women who protect us, our children and our country. Most of the service men and women wont be with there families to welcome the holiday season but we can still make it beautiful and a joyous season for them. This holiday season let us give back by donating to the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. This is the best thing we can do for them and their families this Christmas. This is our chance to give back and thank them for the good job they are doing of protecting us. With every single dollar you donate this will give one child something more to look forward to come Christmas morning. Presents and gifts wont be able to replace the missing loved this holiday season but it will let them know they are special and that someone cares for them. Donations made will help purchase things like shoes, coats, hats and will be divided equally among all the families. Donations made are not tax deductible but the most important thing is we are thinking for them and showing them we care.




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