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Monday, December 29, 2008


A lot has happened since our old computer finally croaked and gave up on me. I haven't really been updating my blog since using the old computer would just aggravate me so much because of the slowness. I must admit though that not being able to get online as much as i used to have made me realize that i have forgotten and let go of some of my responsibility. Before i start and jabber about those things i want to share the kids pictures when we took them to Christiana Mall to see Santa Claus.

This will be Kaitlyn's first Santa experience and we were all apprehensive about her reaction to the jolly old man in the red suit. I dressed up Kayla in the outfit that her Uncle Angelo and Aunt Debbie picked for her and as for Kaitlyn i dressed her up in one of her many hand me down dresses from her cousins. Both girls looked so adorable specially my big girl Kayla. She looked like a young lady with her hair down, in a skirt and big girl shoes. When we got to the mall there was a long line of parents, kids and grandparents waiting for their turn. Since we brought along Kaitlyn's little bear harness we took her out of her stroller and let her walk around the mall. It was so funny coz most parents said that they should have thought about getting a harness for there little one as well so they could at least walk about but still be attached to a parent. Kaitlyn loved walking and would just barrel through the throng of people walking. It was as if she own the whole mall, lol. To make the story short she cried when it was there turn to sit on Santa's lap. At least we got a picture of her before she started bawling like a baby. It was a fun wonderful day for us as a family. After, the four of us went to our favorite Chinese buffet and had a wonderful dinner.


Anonymous said...

that still looks like a nice first time experience of inday, momi lods.

pareha ta we have not been online as much as we used to. i'm feeling a little bit better but i still could not stay online long. my head would start to hurt.


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