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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I hate to admit it but my family and friends are right, i have let myself go. I use to be this sexy young hip beautiful lady back home. I guess that was also one of the reason i caught husbands attention. I loved wearing short shorts, mini skirts and just look beautiful. I looked like a woman of the world and i looked like a party goer, i was never one of those. I did dress sexy but i was different, i was conservative in a way. I loved flirting but only up to that, if i see a guy really pursuing me i stop and just shy away. My mother calls me a tease,lol. Now, i feel just like a blob! I wear matching sweats and pants, i don't comb my hair, in short i look like the typical frumpy wife! Hubby bless his soul has never complained about my appearance but i know in his heart he wants his sexy wife back. I have been told my family that i should wake up and start looking for the old me back. I'm starting to work on that and its going to take time but ill get there soon.


jenn_US said...

hi lods. yeah i used to remember the description you've given in this post. you like to wear short shorts and mind you you have very nice looking legs, hehehe. i remember when i used to go to your lola's house to make our daily payments, i would sometimes see you looking sexy and flawless. yeah youre right you seemed to be a party goer and playgirl only to those who don't know u that well at that time. anyway, now that ur married of course your priorities changes. you have your kids and hubby to take care of. kids are always such a handful but hey if its what makes you satisfied and happy, thats fine but yeah i think u also have to spend time to maintain your "dalaga look". you're gifted with a slim body so just keep it up. :)


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