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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Having met my husband online was one of the greatest thing that happened to me. I have had relationship on the Internet but it never worked until i met him. The very first time we chatted online was like I knew him already. We were already comfortable with each other, we connected and knew right from the start that we were going to make our relationship work. Our main form of communication was chatting online. He would call me but i was the one who always insist that we just talk online to save money. Even if I could not hear his voice I could tell what he was feeling since he would use the emoticon. Getting Free Emoticons & Winks can make a big difference on an online conversation. It can also express your joy, happiness, surprise and frustrations. Its also fun to send each other those silly faces and winks. It works on Yahoo, Hotmail, Aim and Icq messengers. There are thousand of emoticons and winks to choose from and all contents are free.Get them right now and make your online chatting a little bit more fun and interesting.



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