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Sunday, March 15, 2009


We went to a party yesterday. Aiden is the son of Ralph friend Jeff and Krista, they are very nice loving couple. The party was being held at this place called Pump It Up, where they have this big inflatable slides, bouncy and obstacle course. Kayla was so excited to be there. We went into this big room with 3 huge inflatable things. One was a slide, the bouncy room and the obstacle course. Kayla immediately went to the slide and of course Kaitlyn wanted to go as well. I had to do it, and off we went climbing up those inflatable things. It was hard mind you, specially bending over and carrying a wriggling 16 month old. I was so scared the first time Kaitlyn and I both went down the slide. Boy oh boy! The baby was not scared and wanted to go right back up again. And she would literally go up by herself if i would let her. She was not afraid of the big girls or boys, she just wanted to be part of it. There was another girl a month younger than her and she just stayed by her mom. Kaitlyn was so brave, independent and a dare devil. Both girls had so much fun but both Ralph and I were pooped. I was specially proud of my big girl Kayla for being so well behaved, polite and nice to all the other kids and also to the parents that were there. Kaitlyn on the other hand was the bad one,lol.. But it was all good, we survived. Here are some photos that Ralph manage to take.


Nisha said...

Loved the pics, looks like the kids had a great time playing on the bumper as its called here in india :)

Take care.. happy monday!

Anonymous said...

Where ni dapit lods, nice kaayo i wish jake can play in a playground like this. Your chicking and hubby having fun. Si raplh mura kamagwangan nmu hehehe


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