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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Spring is on its way and with that comes the planning stage of all the W for the coming summer. The W's, I mean is the when, where, who, what. This summer is extra special for us since Kaitlyn the baby of the family is older and can run around in the backyard with her big sister Kayla. One of the many things that Ralph and I planned for the girls is to go boating, beach outing, picnic in the backyard, water park and of course take them to an aquarium. Kayla has already been to one but she was too young to really enjoy everything. Kayla has been talking about dolphins and wanting to see one and touch one as well. Dolphin's are one of the most graceful animals in the water for me. They are not only naturally graceful but they are very gentle and playful around children. Did you know that you could experience the joy of watching them swimming and seeing all the tricks that they do and learn more about them?Dolphin Bubbles is the latest phenomenon that's taking sea world by storm.There is a show solely for the dolphins and is one of the most popular sites to see at sea world. One of the neatest tricks they do is blowing bubbles under water. Its really amazing how they can make a perfectly round bubble and maneuver it around under water. I was amaze when I saw the video, I didn't think they could do that. To see for yourself check out this video :

Wasn't that just amazing? The world is full of wonder and its up to us to take the time to watch and enjoy them.


Ron Centeno said...

Hi! I was just at Debbie's and Shydub's and they have this amazing Dolphin video too!

Seems like Dolphin day!

Have a great weekend!


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