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Monday, March 23, 2009


A few years ago I was living free, single, sexy, beautiful and had no care in life. In a matter of two years I came over here in America, got married, became a stepmother, a mom and a housewife. I'm still sexy and beautiful though but sometimes you feel the stress of life, marriage and kids. Living off on a one income in a family of four is not easy. Ralph is the only person working and he works very hard as it is. Still, when its time to pay off the bills every month I can't help but get stressed. It's no secret that our economy is heading south and will probably remain there for a while. The one thing Ralph and I have been doing is cutting down. That includes switching to a new cell phone provider to give us a better plan at an affordable monthly rate, drastically cutting down on dinning out. Now we are thinking of getting Dish Network and changing our cable provider.Paying to much for to little programming selection and service interruption sucks.
The good thing about getting Satellite Provider is there is more program selections like the 3 premium channels, HBO, Starz and Cinemax. There is also less interruption with in ground cable. And to top it all off its much more cheaper than our cable provider now. Switching from Cable to Satellite will surely save us a lot of money. Wouldn't you want to reduce and pay off some of your bills? We sure do...


Michele said...

I really wish my husband was willing to do this sort of thing. He hasn't had a job since September. and he honestly doesn't know how to give up things. If I suggest anything he says no. I'm starting to think I should just do things instead of asking. However or credit is so horrible now we'd probably not be accepted into anything. (cell phones etc.) We pay 109 - 130 a month for our cell phone bill. We could get the internet through our TV but he wont switch from DirecTV. If we don't pay our TV bill and lose it it's the one thing he'll ask for help with because apparently it's his top priority.

sorry I'm complaining. hope you have a great day. =)


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