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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The best thing about winter being over is the thought that spring and summer will be hopping along! I can't wait for summer to start this year. We already have lots of plans of where to take the kids and what to do to have some quality family time. One of the things that I look forward to is taking the kids out boating. We were not able to take both kids boating last summer since Kaitlyn was still to young and I get scared of the thought of bringing her. This year Kaitlyn will a year and a half and Kayla the older one will surely have a blast. The last time Ralph took Kayla boating was when she was 2-3 yrs of age. Two years ago Ralph took me out on our boat for mother's day and I had a wonderful time even if it was a little chilly that day. The one thing that Ralph does with his fellow cops is going out boating. It worries me that something might happen but i know my husband and he knows that Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix. They are all grown men and they do bring booze while out fishing but Ralph only drink one beer and that's his limit. Ralph is a good boater and he follows the rules and regulations set for all boaters and he is careful with the law and not to break them. After all he is a cop and he should be an example. People can be stupid when they are drunk. Some people do drink and go out boating and resulted in accidents in the water, damage to people's property and sometimes there is a fatality.

When he is out boating Ralph always makes sure that he brings his battery charger with him, he checks the life vest and checks the engine to make sure everything is in tip top shape and of course he always has lots of bottle water. This summer I know that if we ever go out boating with the girls I know that were all in good hands.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

can't wait for summer so my hubby and i can go boating too...

still cold here.. =(


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