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Monday, March 2, 2009


Wearing glasses has never been more fun, practical and fashionable. A few years back glasses didn't have the edgy, trendy look that we have today. Ralph used to wear this thick, ugly looking glasses when he was younger and he looked like a dork. Kids and adults alike are lucky that Zen Eyewear offers affordable, chic, trendy, practical eyewear to the optical industry. An eyewear that lets out the trendy and edgy you. Looking for an eyewear that fits your mood is just a blink away with all the collection of different styles and colors. With our economy today, we need affordability and style wrapped into one quality name.


Davida said...

I wore glasses when I was 16. My eyesight just got gradually worse but I hated glasses. They irritated my nose and I didn't like feeling like I looked like a nerd. So I started only wearing them to drive... probably made my eyesight worse. I loved getting contacts. I've recently thought about trying out glasses again. They are really chic these days.

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