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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whew, I just got done cleaning one of the 2 bathrooms upstairs. This is the bathroom that both kids use and also for the guest. As I was cleaning I happen to look outside the bathroom window and saw the buds in the trees. They are all getting ready to bloom. In a matter of days the trees will be full of blooms then the leaves will start to come in and the birds nestle under its swaying leaves. It reminds me of days back home where its nice to go around riding in your bicycle. I have a couple of friends that have there own bicycle and love using it as a form of exercise and leisure. Biking is safe on the environment, It doesn't emit harmful pollutants in the air. It gives you a very scenic view of the place your are cruising along. Did you know that moderate biking can also burn a lot of calories? Yes is certainly does, 30 minute of moderate biking can burn as much as 200 calories.It also tones the backside, the thighs and many parts of the body. If your like me and thinking about biking as one of your form of exercise check out lady beach cruisers and get a feel of the many varied choices of bicycles you can choose from. Its classic design will never go out of style and its easier to handle. They also offer optional fenders and wire baskets. For all my readers they were generous enough to provide a coupon Code : 5OFFXPP and is valid for two months and also $25-$45 nationwide shipping. Get your ride on and lets start loosing those winter pounds.


john said...

Im with you on this one. Plus its a great activity for the whole family to go bike riding together.

john said...

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