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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm so excited that finally winter is at an end and spring is just beginning. You can tell that it is really spring, the birds are twitter patting and seedlings are getting ready to bloom. One of the few things I dread about spring time is my allergies. Last year was horrible, I had the sneeze all the time, my nose was all stuffy and runny and my eyes were so itchy and puffy. I had to take some allergy medication so I could at least breathe without having my mouth open all the time. My two girls Kayla and Kaitlyn are just like the energizer bunny, raring to go. Afternoons will no longer be spent cooped up inside the house but outside in the backyard. And since spring is here Sears is offering a big discount on all original priced Fall and Winter Apparels. They are offering a 75%-80% discount on selected items from petites, infant wear, toddlers, men , women, and many more. That is a huge savings for us,specially now that we are in a recession. Did you see there collection of cute dresses? I'm so fed up wearing sweats and looking frumpy. Its time for me to dress up and entice my husband once again. As fashion designers would say a little black dress goes a long way and is a must have for every woman's closet. If you want huge savings on your families outfit head on out to Sears, promotion ends on April 18.
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Ron Centeno said...

Cheers to huge savings...Cheers to spring!


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