The Designers Chic

Thursday, July 8, 2010


What a long trip that was from Philadelphia to Cebu. Before our impending trip coming hope I dreaded the long flight specially since we were traveling with Kaitlyn and I know how she is when she gets bored. Thankfully she was an angel considering what a long flight it was. The most brutal leg of the trip was from Atlanta to Korea which was 13 1/2 hours. Lucky for Kaitlyn she gets to sleep lying down since she is small but unfortunate for both my MIL and I. At least we were sitting all together, we didn't have to disturb anybody when we had to stand up to go to the bathroom. See the picture on the right, that is a think a frozen river or lake or sea. If I'm not mistaken I took that while we flew over Canada or Russia. I thought it was clouds but when I took a closer look it was ice. Kaitlyn thought it was snowing out and wanted to play, lol. We really didn't get to see a lot of scenery while up in the sky since the windows have to be pulled down. Considering how long the flight was, we are just grateful that we arrive here in Cebu safe and sound.



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